Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country located in Central Asia. It is major tourist destination known for its beautiful mountains & lakes.  Kyrgyzstan is filled with Silk road remnants, attractive valleys, hundreds of Alpine lakes, beautiful rivers, endless mountain peaks, rich and diverse cultural heritage for centuries.

Kyrgyzstan is member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Eurasian Economic Community, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Population: Approximately 6 million.

The nation's largest ethnic group are the Kyrgyz, a Turkic people, who comprise 73.3% of the population. Other ethnic groups include Russians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Uzbeks etc.

Capital: the capital and largest city. 

Bishkek is the political, economic, and administrative centre of Kyrgyzstan, as well as being a place of historical and cultural significance.

Major cities - Bishkek, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Karakol, Issyk-Kul, Talas, Tokmok etc.


  1. Manas international airport (Bishkek)
  2. Osh airport
  3. Jalal-Abad airport

Currency: The Kyrgyz SOM (KGS) 

Languages: The official languages are Kyrgyz & Russian.

In Kyrgyzstan many universities provide English medium study for professional courses.

Geographic Location

Located in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is landlocked country bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east.


Known for

Kyrgyzstan is known as- “Switzerland of Central Asia” due to its beautiful Tien Shan mountain range. Tien Shan mountain region covers 80% of Kyrgyzstan. The famous Issyk Kul lake, nicknamed “the Pearl of Central Asia.” is the world's second largest alpine lake. Kyrgyzstan is also famous for Its nomadic culture. The icon of the Kyrgyz nomadic culture is the yurt, a small wooden dwelling decorated with felt carpets. The traditional national sports reflect the importance of horse riding in Kyrgyz culture