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FIGHT for NEET or FLIGHT for MBBS Abroad

The life of MBBS aspirants is not easy, even in the initial phase when they prepare to clear the entrance exam, they go through various stressful situations. Getting admission in Indian medical colleges that too in 1st attempt is a rare scenario because in a country like India where the demand and supply ratio of […]

Top Medical Colleges in Uzbekistan

Studying in Uzbekistan has become a preferred choice for Indian Medical students. After the separation from Russia, it has evolved in its education quality that results in thousands of international students including Indians coming to study various courses in Uzbekistan and taking the benefits of quality medical training provided by the government as well as […]


Journey of a NEET Aspirant to a Medico

Becoming a DOCTOR is tough, not only in terms of study point of view but also from other perspectives like handling critical patients, facing new diseases, hectic schedules, and many more.  Here in this post, instead of discussing how to become a doctor, I will take you on the journey of a medical student from […]